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A Short Detour

How I became a freelance illustrator

Since when I was small, I was good at drawing.

Well, I was not very good at the rest.

I found elementary school studies difficult, I was not good at doing house chores, and I was bad at waking up in the morning. But drawing, it was easy for me, I was good at drawing. Everybody said so.

I should be an artist! is what I thought when I was in elementary. But when I told my father, he said, "Being an artist is hard".

I did not want a "hard" life. I did not want to be famous and busy. I wished to live a normal easy life. "Artist is not for me" is what I decided.

Even in high school, my studies were not going well. I could not picture my future within the school studies. My choice was narrowed down to music or art. And even my musical ability was reaching its limit.

"Artist is not for me" is what I decided, and what I had left was Art.

But I did not give up. "I don't have to be an artist. There must be an art related job that is suited for me!"

To avoid the "hard" life, I decided to go to art university to find possibilities.

So then I studied and learnt wide range of art, from history to painting to pottery to animation. I worked part-time jobs and I visited many galleries and museum, and met new people and friends.

Then I finally realized, perhaps, every job is somewhat "hard". It wasn't a choice of "easy" or "hard" but the choice of what kind of "hard". If its going to be "hard" anyway, I shall choose interesting "hard" for me.

After graduating, I became a freelance illustrator.

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